fascinated by music and sound since childhood, greg's earliest memories include singing improvised melodies and harmonies over the drone of a hoover vacuum as a toddler, and writing grooves at an electric organ in the home of some friends of his parents. in elementary school, he picked up the guitar and briefly studied jazz dance, but ultimately didn't really find his niche until he started playing the saxophone in grade 7. discovering the sax was an epiphany, and he began trying to play whatever recordings he heard, and started "formally" writing his own music as soon as he learned to read manuscript.

by the time he graduated high school, greg had already won a small composition contest and had publicly performed his first real attempt at songwriting. he enrolled at st. francis xavier university, and began his formal studies in music in 1990. by the time he graduated in 1994 (bachelor of arts in music, honours in jazz composition & arranging), he had been working as a unionised professional musician for two years, and was respected as a composer and arranger by his professors and peers. given the scarcity of music work at the time, and feeling the pressure to support his "bad habit" with another vocation, he went back to school to study computer science at the university of new brunswick, graduating in 1997 with a major in software design.

after five years of working in the it industry, a layoff prompted greg to return to music full time. no longer encumbered by the 9-to-5 lifestyle, he embraced his role as a musician once more. today, he is a respected teacher, composer/arranger, horn repair specialist, and performer, making regular appearances both live and in studio. named saint john's 2007 instrumentalist of the year, he is arguably the most sought-after horn player in southern new brunswick.